This TeamSpeak Server provides you Musicbots with your favourite Radio Stations!

DDoS Protection

Our Server is DDoS Protected with a permanent 480Gbit/s Protection from OVH!

Sound Quality

We only use Opus Voice and Opus Music encoding to achieve the highest possible Sound Quality!

Self Made Content

We provide you self made Content, Achievements, Leveling, Shops and more!

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Our Specials

Temp + Perma Channels

Multiple Musicbots

Leveling, Achievement and Skill System

Self assignable Gaming Icons

Dashboard to manage your Client

Fast Support

High Uptime

Free for All!

Our self made Dashboard gives us abilities to integrate our own Leveling System and Achievement System in a Slim but good looking Webinterface!

We provide you a Custom Webinterface with features of creating Permanent Channels with Sub Channels, its easy to use!

We only use High Quality Hardware! (ECC RAM, XEON CPU, Hardware RAID 5)

The TeamSpeak runs on Linux to guarantee a stable environment.

We have a competent Support Team which is able to answer all Questions about our TeamSpeak Server!

Our Bot will instantly notify us as soon as someone joins the Support Channel to provide Fast Support!


We guarantee you a high Uptime!

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